Do you owe SARS Tax Debt? 

There are numerous ways for taxpayers to owe SARS a tax debt, and this is an issue that cannot be delayed or ignored – immediate action is required to prevent SARS from exercising their broad debt collection powers.

In this article, we will look at how tax debts arise, how taxpayers are notified, what your options are if you do not dispute the tax debt but are unable to pay, and what must be done if you do wish to dispute the tax debt. To avoid SARS’ debt collection process, taxpayers can make a payment arrangement, request a compromise, and request a suspension of payment during a tax dispute, all of which are best addressed with professional tax assistance.

Reduce Debtor Days for SMB Owners

Get in touch Ten tips to reduce debtor days for small business owners KESHO Learn More Table of Contents A steady, dependable cash flow is critical for the survival of any small business, so making sure your customers pay on time should be a top priority.  You will avoid the dreaded “feast or famine” cycle […]