Cloud Accounting Services

Cloud Accounting Services

The only thing that should keep you up at night is your passion, not your finances.

The only thing that should keep you up at night is your passion, not your finances.


Best of breed integrated accounting technology.

Intelligent financial reporting & turbo-charged analytics that tell the true story.

360 degree view of your business, giving you peace of mind.

We are not an old-school accounting firm that uses legacy systems;  we leverage technology to partner with you for a brighter future! Our certified cloud accountants use best-of-breed cloud accounting systems to help businesses to automate and integrate their accounting functions and get instant insightful reports.

You no longer have to wait for months to get financial reports into the state of affairs of your business! Make smarter business decisions with AI-driven intelligent financial reports that are available from anywhere, at anytime & on any device.

Get access to your own team of dedicated and experienced financial professionals.

You are already on the cloud in many ways than one, its time your business joined hundreds of other high-growth businesses that have partnered with us  to transform their accounting function for the future.

Our Cloud Accounting Services

Get access to bespoke accounting from accredited professionals

powered by best of breed cloud accounting technology

Monthly Bookkeeping and Reporting

Accurate numbers tell a true story, inaccurate numbers can bring a business down. A company’s finance function is anchored by timely & accurate processing of transactions that lead to reliable and insightful monthly reports, from source documents to beautiful, interactive reports.

Cloud Accounting

Increase efficiency and streamline the way you manage your business by deploying an agile and intuitive cloud accounting platform that keeps working even when you’re not!
Run your business from anywhere, anytime and any device with internet access - staying ahead of the curve with your finger on the pulse of your business.

Payroll Management Services

Minimise the time and money spent on running payroll and focus your resources on growing revenues and profits. We run an accurate, compliant payroll function to help you stay in the good books of SARS, avoid incidences of fraud or error, and maintain good relationships with your employees.

Annual Financial Statements

Annual Financial Statements demonstrate the overall health of your business and offer valuable information on assets, liabilities and equity of the business. Financial statements prepared by professionals ensure compliance with SARS, companies Act and other regulatory requirements. Our team of experts will prepare your financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and the companies Act.

Corporate Tax Services

Compliance with increasing & ever-changing tax rules and more rigorous and coordinated enforcement by SARS can be a nightmare for any business.
As tax practitioners, we will handle all your corporate tax requirements whilst you focus on growing your business.​

VAT Services

As businesses grow, the complexity of managing VAT risks and complying with SARS requirements multiplies, you do not want to make mistakes. Our team of professional experts have the foresight and flexibility to provide guidance to issues which might affect your business, now and in the future.​

Company Secretarial Services

Corporate governance compliance puts huge demands on companies and directors. Take a load off your shoulders by partnering with a partner who has a finger on the pulse of changes to the laws and regulations affecting your business.

ACCOUNTING Service Plans

Accounting service plans customised to fit my business.

Our cloud accounting services come in three distinct service plans, which can be  customised further to fit your specific needs, giving you peace of mind that all your business needs are taken care of. We have your full accounting function handled by professionals so you may focus on what you do best, your business.

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We love technology and how it has enabled us to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses & their lives.

 We work with businesses from across different industries who tap into our expertise as their trusted partner for a brighter and better future.

When you partner with Kesho, you are  personally matched with a finance professional or team with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience that is suited for your business – working closely with you to as you grow your business and help you reach new frontiers.


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