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When established companies grow faster than 30% to 50% year on year, it’s hard to stretch the capacity and capabilities of your finance team as fast. Get access to on-demand finance skills and capacity to help drive your finance team’s priorities in periods of rapid growth.

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Access the right financial direction for your growing business.

All the power of having an expert CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals

Business Valuations

Value creation is key to business and transaction success. Get an independent assessment of the value of your business that is objective, insightful and supportable. Our valuation reports help you gain insights into what drives the value of your business, helping you make decisions confidently as well as help you get ahead of issues.

Labor Cost Management

If you have a large team, you should be as transparent about your remuneration policy as much as possible. Is your team functioning effectively? Should you give someone a raise, and if so, how will this affect your company in the long run?

Financial Forecasts and Projections

Our CFOs are strategic, forecasting how current projects in your company will affect performance. They help you anticipate your gross margins and look for patterns and trends to analyze to optimize cash flow. By taking into account economic factors like market growth rate and previous market growth patterns, they also go into great detail to forecast your future revenue and sales. They use cutting-edge AI tools that assists with succession planning, business continuity, and budget planning.

Strategic Funding

Fundraising growing businesses is one of the most significant problems that any entrepreneur or business owner will encounter, and while there are an increasing variety of tools available, figuring out how to access these funds can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, even for the most highly experienced business owner.

Debt planning and reduction

In today's market, where substantial investments and excellent business opportunities exist, businesses require significant capital and sufficient debt planning for a variety of corporate activities. Debt management is a crucial strategy for lowering present debt and keeping future debt manageable.

Management Reports

Management accounts are a form of financial report that business owners and executives use to make day-to-day and strategic decisions. Kesho provides management reports to business owners on a monthly basis to provide insight into a company's current financial health by monitoring various key performance indicators.

Accounting and Audit Support

Month-end closures, audit preparations, and dealing with auditors may all place a strain on your finance department at critical periods of the year. Increase the capacity of your accounting operations so that you can always meet deadlines without putting your team under stress.

Business Analysis and Internal Controls

Kesho assesses your business needs and offers solutions to business difficulties while keeping a company's assets secure, the business from breaching any laws, and the company's financial operations accurately documented in the accounting records.

Financial Forecasts and Projections

Financial forecasting predicts your company's success assuming everything stays the same in the future. The demand for your offering is the same, and your company runs in the same manner. A financial prediction, in conjunction with a financial projection, can be used to assess how a company will perform in one or more prospective futures.

Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management detects, assesses, and manages risk within the context of the company's risk tolerance, with the goal of maximizing investment returns and profitability for a given level of risk. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways.

Systems Implementation and Automation

Allow your CFO to use cutting-edge technology to automate your everyday manual tasks and provide you with detailed insight reports on your company's potential growth.

Budget-to-actual reporting

A fundamental role of Kesho Chartered Accountants is to conduct a budget to actual variance analysis. A budget to actual variance analysis is a procedure that compares a company's budget to actual outcomes and interprets the causes for the variation.

Financial Planning

Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of financial planning in running a successful business. Your business plan outlines how you want to conduct business over the next month, quarter, year, or longer, depending on how far ahead you plan. If you don't have a clear financial strategy, you're just hoping for the best. -Let your CFO to provide you peace of mind as you steer your business to success.

Break-even analysis

When weighing expansion expenses, a business should do a break-even analysis. A break-even study assesses the point at which your investment is returned rand for rand, no more, no less, and you have not made or lost money on the project. In general, smaller fixed expenditures result in a lower break-even point.

Team Development

Virtual CFOs provide accounting, finance, and non-financial staff with the guidance, accountability, and support that SME owners seekbut have no time for . They also help in measuring team member performance so that the business owner can get actionable feedback.

Cash Flow Management

Small business owners understand that cash is the lifeblood of their organization—and that a healthy cash flow, maintained at the right cost and at the right time, is critical to financial health. We leverage Artificial Intelligence solutions that help your business grow.

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