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Cloud innovation has changed the way in which we conduct trade until the end of time. The days of disjointed and isolated technology systems unable to communicate with one another and without real-time AI capabilities are over. Using cutting-edge cloud technology in modern automated systems enables faster client fulfilment, and enhanced information transparency and authenticity.

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Using our proven cloud systems, installation, automation, and support services, we can improve your business processes and growth.

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System Design

When building a house, one does not simply buy some bricks and start building, hoping that you will have a solid and stable home for you and your family. No. One first consults an architect to design the home, ensure it is structurally sound and only then does one start building.

The same approach is applicable with systems implementation. OCFO’s team of systems consultants are here to support you in the design of your ideal business system in order to best support your business needs. Through a consultative process, our team looks at your current pain points, your nice to haves and even your dreams when it comes to your business systems.

The outflow of this is then documented into your ideal business system with detailed integration and automation between all core business functions.

Implementation Services

Once designed, our team kicks into high gear and starts building / implementing your revised business system architecture. With the finance function at its core, our team leads the implementation of new technologies, tweaking of existing technologies, building brand new applications and ensuring that technologies are integrated with each other through API integration.

Drawing on the above approach, an organisation is enabled with a fully fledged business system in the cloud, with no onsite services, expensive hardware infrastructures or lack of communication between systems.

Systems Support

Whether you own a car or own a house, both need regular maintenance in order to run optimally at all times. The same principle applies to your cloud business systems.

As technology evolves, OCFO ensures that we provide continuous support in order to ensure that your automation services remain up to date, in line with best practices and updated with changes in technology protocols. This ensures that your business remains relevant in an ever evolving marketplace and can better adapt to new solutions brought to market by competitors.

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Information Systems

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