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Fundraising drives can steal valuable exec time from growing the company.


Fundraising is complex.

Whether it’s a seed round, series A, series B or later stage – the odds are that your management team is not filled with corporate finance experts. Draw in the right expertise from our fundraising team that has helped raise hundreds of millions for growing entrepreneurial companies. This way you can make sure that you focus on your number one priority, without slowing your fundraise drive.

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Get access to the right financial direction for your growing business.

All the power of having a CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals

Group CFO Support

Over the last decade, we have crafted the ideal fundraising journey for scaling companies. It starts with our proprietary Fundraising Gap Analysis as a starting point, from which it flows into fundraising strategy, financial modelling, valuations, due diligence, investors collateral, and investor linkages.

Imagine having access to chartered accountant level corporate finance experts that serve as your funding round’s deal crafters! Get the strategy right, identify the right deal and the right type of investors, build your fundraising assets, and get that deal done!

Getting the process right the first time can save countless executive hours. Convert a Growth Package into a Fundraising Prep Growth Package over 6 months for smaller companies to drive first-time raises up to $1m seed or series A rounds.

Later-stage fundraising? Convert an Eminence Package into a Fundraising Prep Eminence Package over 6 months for larger or more complex organizations raising bigger rounds. Sign up for your CFO services package to start fast-forwarding your raise.

Fundraising Gap Analysis

Start your fundraising journey with an outsourced CFO by your side. Imagine if you could embark on a capital raising campaign with all your ducks in a row. The fundraising Gap Analysis, part of our suite of Fundraising Services, is the perfect place to start.

Following the same structure of our Financial Gap Analysis, the core focus of this fundraising engagement is to identify the potential roadblocks to and opportunities for your company’s raise. It identifies the direction to take with your fundraise, the type of capital you should consider, and the suite of documents and details that you should set out in order to wow a financier. Let’s kick off your fundraising drive!

Fundraising strategy and deal crafting

The right strategic direction early on can make all the difference in a fundraising drive. As part of fundraising strategy, we help founder and management teams build out or refine the growth roadmap of the company, as well as to define how much capital needs to be raised for what purposes on this growth journey.

It’s also critically important to start narrowing down whether you are raising equity or debt or a combination of these, and under which terms would you accept this kind of funding. Starting out with the right deal in hand helps you also drastically narrow down the type and stage of investors and financiers to consider pitching to. Having a clear picture of the raise helps your team to get the right result.

Financial modelling and forecasting

A strong financial model can hold the ambitious growth potential of the business, while being grounded in facts and clear assumptions. It maps out the future numbers driven by your business strategy that are both clear and sound.

Building a financial model that an institutional investor can rely on takes practice. Luckily, our fundraising teams have built a few of these! Piggy-back on our team’s expertise and experience when it comes to building or refining your financial forecasts.

Company Valuations

Understanding the value of your organization when you head into a funding round is critical. Knowing the drivers of value that investors will look at as well as the valuation metrics they will likely apply will make a huge difference. There is a fine balance between a too low ask that negatively impacts existing shareholders, and a too high ask that could deter great investors.

Using the best-practice valuation methods, we help management teams understand their value going into a deal. Knowing what you are worth also helps a lot at the negotiation table.

Due diligence pack preparation

It’s a well-known fact that the due diligence process can add or subtract material amounts from a company’s valuation during a fundraising deall. It can also drag out the deal timeline, or sink the deal if the company’s affairs are not in order.

Getting your ducks in a row prior to speaking to investors goes a long way towards making a strong investment case. We’ve helped countless founders and management teams prepare for and navigate the due diligence process. Having a CFO on board that understands investor questions and how to position their answers can make all the difference at the negotiation table.

System transition and project support

Investors decks and collateral range far and wide. You can say too much and you can say too little. Knowing what elements of your exciting company to share – and more importantly, which ones not to share – plays a big part in every fundraising drive.

Having a strong command of your numbers, historically and projected, is very important. Even more important is the story that you tell with these numbers. Our CFOs help founders paint beautiful pictures with their numbers that investors can fall in love with.

Following a proven process of highlighting the important information without getting stuck in the detail, our team helps founders prepare the right content for investor conversations. You only get one meeting – so make it count!

Investor access and dealmaking

There is so much capital out there, yet it is so hard to close a deal. And in this deal making process, your time is the critical scarce resource. Only spend it on investors outreach where there is a good mandate fit.

Imagine having the help of a seasoned CFO to help you put your transaction together. Then imagine them identifying the right investors that are a strong mandate for this deal. Now imagine if they could get you an intro to start the conversation towards closing your next fundraising round! We help founders through every step of the investment readiness and deal closing journey. Let’s make some headlines together.


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